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Specials & News In Mobile Electronics

Mercedes Benz Remote Start System


  Introducing technology for Mercedes Benz customers - A Remote Start capability system that delivers convenience, comfort and safety.  Dont get left in the cold or heat - finally a proven system solution that is made exclusively for Mercedes Benz enthusiast. 
  • Warm it up
  • No more scraping ice
  • Security integration
  • Good for your engine
  • Cool it down
  • No more hot seats
  • Saves you time
  • Good for you!



Total control from factory keys.

Remote start and a whole lot more, all with your existing key or "KeylessGo" FOB!
Feature-packed, yet so easy to use.

  • Countdown timer
  • Light flash confirm
  • Fully programmable
  • Valet override
  • Dealer install
  • Safety shutdowns
  • Control from iPhone!

Model Number Model Year Chassis
(Keyless go vehicles require additional part# KG20)
ML 2006 - 2011 W164
GL 2006 - 2012 X164
R 2006 - 2012 W251
(Keyless go vehicles require additional part# KG166)
ML 2012 - 2013 W166
G 2013 W463
GL 2013 X166
SKS166D4D (Directed)
SKS166D4C (Compustar)
(Keyless go vehicles only)
ML 2014  
GL 2014  
(part# KG20 prewired and included on all harnesses)
SLS 2011 - 2013 W197
(Keyless go vehicles require additional part# KG20)
ML HYBRID 2010 W164
(Keyless go vehicles require additional part# KG20)
Swap pins on KG20 so that solid brown wire is in pin position 1 and brown/red is in pin position 2
S 2002 - 2006 All
CL 2002 - 2006 All
SL 2003 - 2012 All
(Keyless go vehicles require additional part# KG20)
S 2007 - 2013 W221
CL 2007 - 2013 W216
(Keyless go vehicles require additional part# KG20)
C 2008 - 2014 W204
CLS 2012-2014 W218
GLK 2010 - 2014 X204
E SEDAN 2010 - 2013 W212
E COUPE 2010 - 2013 W207
SLK 2012 - 2014 W172
SKS204D4D (Directed)
SKS204D4C (Compustar)

(Keyless go vehicles only)
E 2014  
SKS211 E 2004 - 2009 W211
CLK 2004 - 2011 W209
CLS 2004 - 2011 W219
C 2003 - 2007 W203
G 2004 - 2012 W463
SLK 2005 - 2011 R171
B 2005 - 2011 W245
A 2005 - 2011 W169
SKS906 Sprinter* 2007 - 2014 All
  *Sprinter requires extended range transmitter or smart phone app for operation


Hands Free Bluetooth System


Did you put down the phone yet?  Police officers can now pull over motorists speaking on cell phones while driving and dish out 2 points on your license along with a fine of up to $100.  More points equal expensive insurance hikes annually.  Invest in a hands free bluetooth system today and drive safely!  Audio Illusions Inc. specializes in Bluetooth Hands Free systems which integrates your cell phone and vehicle as soon as you start the engine.  Call to make an appointment right away and recieve 20% off.


Audio Illusions Inc. has all your body enhancement needs for many high end luxury vehicles.  We offer an array of luxury brands that achieve the benchmark of passion, art and pride.  Custom luxury grilles, wheels and accessories are tailored to the specific model & year of each vehicle.  ASANTI, LEXANI & STRUT are some of our exotic high end lines we provide for our specialty clientele.  Take advantage of our spring through summer 10% off any ASANTI, LEXANI or STRUT custom luxury grille, wheel & accessory.  




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