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Ignition Interlock Systems

What is a SMARTSTART Ignition Interlock?

An Ignition Interlock is a breath analyzer installed into a vehicle to prevent a person from starting the engine after consuming alcohol. The driver must blow into the device and pass a breath alcohol test before the vehicle will start. The Interlock will allow normal vehicle operation unless it registers a breath alcohol reading above the allowed limit. The device has internal memory. It records numerous activities including alcohol levels of the individual each time tested, time and day of each engine start/stop, alcohol results of random retests while the engine is running, and attempts to circumvent or tamper with the device.

SMARTSTART Ignition Interlock has been approved by a number of States to offer Ignition Interlock Services. Audio Illusions Inc. is a service center provider of Ignition Interlock Services in Westchester County NY and the NEW YORK TRI-STATE AREA. Audio Illusions offers the highest level of service to the client and jurisdiction. The company is staffed by experienced employees trained in the installation and servicing of Ignition Interlock devices and utilizes industry-leading data services.

Traditional methods of controlling alcohol impaired driving offenders - license suspension and revocation - are not working. Here is what the experts say:

  • "Between 60% and 80% of drivers with suspended licenses continue to drive." - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • "The social implications from this study are that this high-risk population cannot be relied upon to make appropriate judgments to abstain from driving when legally intoxicated." - AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
  • "14% of all intoxicated drivers in fatal crashes have a current suspended or revoked license." - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • "Half of all convicted drunken drivers who lose licenses don't reapply when they become eligible." - National Public Service Research Institute.
  • "Although they often claimed that the revocation interfered with work, many of the DUI offenders admitted that they continue to drive. Many (two-thirds of repeat offenders in California) said that it was very likely that they would drive without a license." - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The fact is: vehicles are an integral part of the economic and social needs of families. Mass transit or other transportation alternatives are often not viable options. Individuals regularly decide to drive illegally, without a license and without insurance. Many of these individuals are alcohol dependent - driving outside societies system of controls - driving drunk. The Ignition Interlock Program provides a legal means for individuals to drive while enhancing public safety.





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